October 5, 2010

Rania + Jeff + LOTS of Dancing :: Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

What a wedding! Everything was so beautiful...the people, the location, even the sprinkles... My bride, Rania, is exquisite (see pics below). Period. I could have taken pictures of her and her gorgeous bridesmaids ALL day...which technically I did, but you know what I mean. Jeff and the guys were hilarious and kept me and my assistant and friend, Brandy Cunningham, on our toes! The rain came all day on Saturday, but that didn't dampen anyone's spirit. The Indianapolis Museum of Art can accommodate anything I've decided. Plus, it's always happy to have such competent and kind coordinators there to help! This time I got to work with wedding coordinators, Deborah and Cassie from A Touch of Elegance. The day couldn't have happened without all of their hard work. Um, did I mention Rania and Jeff also had a dessert table (my fav!) Kahn's Catering did all of the food. Laurie and Bob from Indy Visual were the videographers...their work is amazing! By the time the reception came around the dance floor filled up and stayed that way all night. DJ Mike from SDI Sound kept the party alive as a wonderful mix of two different cultures came together for some FUN!

Luckily, Rania and Jeff met on the tennis court, so they were in shape for all the dancing! These were super hard to narrow down, so I'll have a lot more in the slide show tomorrow! Enjoy!

I think this looks like an exhibit :o)

Classic. I feel like this could have been taken 50 years ago...

The boys.

I LOVED Rania's veil.

I love capturing real moments!

We opted for the bouquet instead of the pitch fork :o)

Ummm...Hello? Are you kidding me? Look at these hotties!

Even thought we were confined, I think it turned out pretty cool!

We spent about 72 seconds out side before it started raining...better than none at all!


Bob, from Indy Visual was super hunger at the dessert bar. Luckily I didn't have any...I many I didn't eat all of them :o)

This is literally what the dance floor looked like all night!


Rania and I getting our sass on!

October 3, 2010

The PeyBack Bowl ::Indianapolis Photographer

I've had the privilege of shooting for some amazing charities these past couple of months. My most recent adventure was with Peyton Manning's PayBack Bowl. My friend and the woman that basically just gets everything done, Melanie, was in charge of this fun event. Every guest received a goodie bag with all sorts of treats. My two favorites were an actual bowling pin so guest would have a place to put their autographs and the Manning Family book, Family Huddle. This year's recipient was Kurt Warner. He was such delight and his organization does so much for children! Here are just a few of my favorites from the event. Thank you PeyBack Bowl for allowing me to be a part of something so BIG. Enjoy!

All the celebrities and guests had their own bowling shoes ready and waiting for them (well, except for the guys with REALLY big feet :o).

Aren't these the coolest bowling pins ever!

Reggie Miller did an awesome job bowling!

Marco Andretti signing lots of pins.

Oh, did I mention Ruth Chris provided all the food. Delicious!

There was a silent action going on all night. They had the coolest things available! Josh is lucky I have some will power, otherwise we would have ended up with lots of collectables!

I definitely did NOT feel short at this event...wha?

Coach Caldwell looked like this all night. He was very kind.

Dallas Clark always seemed to be laughing with a group of people.

Robinson with my high school friend Kevin Hancock of Sports Graphics.

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