June 19, 2012

Urban Senior Safari: 2013 Seniors

I had THE BEST time taking these pictures. So much, that I just had to make a video about it!  Most of these stunners were my former third graders, so, yes, I get a bit weepy every time I see it!  If you are interested in getting your High School Senior Pictures taken, please check out my Red Chair Rue senior picture site and book a session today!


March 14, 2012

Red Chair Rue's Next Senior Models!

Hurry on over to the new senior website! Red Chair Rue is now accepting 2013 Senior Models. Please fill out an application on my website at

The Model Search will close at the end of March, so get those applications in soon! Thanks!

March 7, 2011

Behind the Scenes :: Red Chair Rue Senior Photography

I had an amazing time a couple of weeks ago taking pictures of senior models for Sophia's Prom Store. They had a commercial made and I had the privilege of taking some behind the scenes footage. I mixed my pictures and videos together to make a cool fusion piece.

I am still looking for 2012 Red Chair Rue Senior Models. If you're interested just click on the application tab above and contact me asap.

February 21, 2011

Red Chair Rue :: Indianapolis High School Senior Photography

Hello friends! I'm in the process of looking for
2012 High School Seniors!

I've also created a separate Facebook Page just for Red Chair Rue Fans!

If you LIKE my RCR Page, you will receive $50 off of your regular senior session. Wahoooo!

Tell your friends and...

February 14, 2011

February Basic Workshops :: Indianapolis Photographer

I had such a blast doing Basic Workshops last year I have decided to do a few more this year. I'm starting with 2 this month...the 19th and 26th. Please email me at kiera@kieraphoto.com if you are interested.

There will be a limited number of spots, so sign up quickly!


November 24, 2010

Kelsey & Peter's slideshow! :: Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

I've been having loads of fun with a slow shutter lately :o)

I have lots more to write about this fabulous wedding...but just for the holidays, here is Kelsey and Peter's slideshow :o)

November 11, 2010

Halle :: Danville Portrait Photographer

I had the privilege of taking wedding pictures of this sweet baby girl's mommy and daddy. I LOVE taking baby pics for my bride and grooms. We went to Beasley's Orchard for this fun photo shoot. Halle did great...as long as she had her apple with her. As soon as we took it away from her, it wasn't pretty. But, luckily I got pictures of that too. Now, I don't usually take pics of sweet crying babies, but this was too precious to pass up (see below). I love these. Below are some of my favorites.


Peek a boo with Daddy

The precious apple :o)

Life without the apple

Mom and Dad laughing about life without the apple :o)

Lovely eyelashes!

Love it


One of my all time favs!

Daddy's girl!

Getting to be a steady walker :o) Big Girl!

November 10, 2010

Trash the Dress, Indy style :: Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

These two were fierce, and up for anything I wanted them to do (muwahahahahahaha). Just kidding, kinda. I made them pose in stinky places downtown (literally)...but the lighting and weather were just about perfect! You are going to LOVE Stefanie's shoes. They are AH-MAZ-ING! A photographer's dream if you will :o) I'm in love with these pictures. I hope you'll love them too :o) Enjoy!

I know, right?

Fav...all time...

It's getting hot in here...

This one cracks me up, but the colors are spectacular!

Umm...shoes. I may have been a bit obsessed :o)

Thank you orange background!



White shoes this time :o)

The cop cars literally went by 3 times...I guess to make sure we weren't up to any shenanigans?

Love this one.


And in color...love the red tie!

November 9, 2010

The CJB Family :: Indianapolis Geist Photographer

Here are some more photos I did at Geist Park. All 5 members of this family have the initials CJB :o) Love it. These two kiddies are 9 and 11. Ummm...I love 9 and 11!!! I kinda can't wait until my kids are this age. They were awesome. Wait until you see their puppy too. I wanted to take Cody home with me...but I would have gotten in A LOT of trouble :o)

Are you kidding me? Look how gorgeous.

Mr. Athlete...

Love these next two natural pics. My favs...

They got along so well!

Love it!

The third child :o)

Here is the puppers! Best dog ever!

November 8, 2010

Some besties :: Indianapolis Geist Photographer

I went to school with these 2 ladies. We've been through A LOT of hairdos together (some I'd rather not talk about). You will definitely know these kiddos if you've followed my blog for a while. I've basically been taking their pictures from birth. They always do an amazing job for me...the benefit of having the same photographer year after year :o) We did these at Geist Park when the weather was just perfect! I'm in LOVE with these pictures. And since there are SO many, I think this should count as yesterday's post as well (since I rode the Megabus to Chicago for an engagement shoot yesterday...yes I said Megabus...more on that soon).

Enjoy girls! Love you!

Okay, he's looking older and I DON'T like it one bit! So handsome though!

Enough said...

Superhero look :o)

Oh my those eyes :o)

Love this one!

Look how photogenic papa is!




Yes, he really is this sweet.


Yes, she just naturally does this for me. I know you're all jealous!


Raise your hand if you want to squeeze this little guy! He's practically perfect in every way :o)

Can you tell they're sisters :o)

Love this one

Learning how to walk!

Fav Fav Fav

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