July 30, 2008


I had the great privilege of taking some bridal portrait pictures of my friend Lisa a couple of months ago week. She got married in northern Indiana. Everything went perfectly, just how she wanted. I could only be there in spirit...but thought about her all day. She's marrying her college sweetheart...awwww. Here are just a few of my favorites! Thanks for being extraordinary Lisa.

I had a quick photo shoot with Lisa and her 4 gorgeous children...seriously...these kids could be models. I hope "Gramby" loved the pics!

My sweet boy

As Xavier was walking around the house he came across my old Shape magazine below. And do you know what my sweet, lovable, brilliant and remarkable 2 year old said? "Mommy! That's you!" Wise...very wise...

More posts to come soon...I promise!

July 24, 2008

Courtney's Family of 6

I had such a great time with Courtney and her family last week. Her kids were so photogenic. We decided to meet at the IMA at dusk which was awesome! The kids loved the artwork, "Numbers 1-9" by Robert Indiana. Each one of them found their age and posed for me. Here are some of my favorites:

Sweet Olivia...by the end of the session she was smiling for me :o)

I LOVE this one.  I have a picture just like this of me and my brother...

Conner was just about to turn 4...so we decided to do this number instead of 3...it was kind of a big deal.

Even though you can't really tell...they are actually walking backwards per Conner's direction.

Look close...look real close.  Hilarious

The happy 6

I want to put Isabel in my pocket...she was the perfect big sister that day. She posed everywhere for me and helped out with the little ones. 

Adyson was a ball of smiley energy.  She still has that cute waddle walk that I love.

July 23, 2008

3 States in 3 Weeks!

I've been traveling for the past month! It's been wonderful and hectic at the same time. The whole family went out to Denver to visit some friends. The next weekend I went to NYC with my friend Naomi for a girl's weekend. And last weekend we were in Michigan with my side of the family. I've got suitcases and laundry all over the place and since I've been home my internet has not worked! It's been a bit frustrating to say the least! Right now I'm using my neighbors wireless (she gave me the password). Hopefully I'll be back up and running by the weekend. In the meantime, I'd love to share a bit about my vacations and some pictures to go along with them. Thanks for all of your patience!

Colorado Rules!

Josh and I needed a Colorado fix...well, really we needed a Pritchard fix...so we took all the kids on a plane and headed west for a few very short days. (yes the kids did awesome on the plane...hallelujah!) Although we couldn't stay long, it was just perfect. Josh and Brian built a bench on the porch, Rachael and I did Mom stuff,I did a mini photo shoot, and the kids had a blast. Most importantly we talked, talked, talked. Brian and Rach moved from Indy about 3 years ago and Josh and I haven't been the same since. It's pretty amazing when all 4 people in 2 couples just love each other and have so much in common. Brian's brother, Rob, is staying with them as well, so all 10 of us stayed in one house (gasp!). In truth, the kids slept great and played well together...and so did the adults. Miss you miss you miss you. Love you love you love you!

Xavier is potty training. After a few accidents, we decided to go o'natural. He loves to work with Daddy.

Ky is fearless when it comes to things like this...she just goes...I admire her for that.

Uncle Rob slept out here in the field the first night. Josh took the boys out to find him. He's very manly
This is what happened to the field the next evening...Rob stayed in the house that night!!! LOVE the lighting here.

Lucy and Daddy watching the fields get chopped.

Denver at dusk from their back yard

Some of my favorite shots from our wee photo shoot

Sweet Max!

July 12, 2008

Hot Hot Hot: Jennifer and Joseph's Wedding Day!

It was a scorcher out at Wabash College...yes, I said those dreadful words...actually, I must say that Wabash is a beautiful school, so we had lots of great scenery to work with. Plus, it didn't pour down rain until about 2 minutes after we got to the reception...God is good!

Jennifer and Joseph had their engagement pictures done over a year ago. She's my adorable bride that would email and say (direct quote), "I'm getting married in 45 days, and you are going to be there-are you getting excited???? You were the first thing we booked when we got engaged, and I feel like you have been with us forever! I am constantly calling Joseph and being like "did you see Kiera's blog? I love the pic of blah blah blah....." I was so psyched to be with her on her special day because I knew how excited she and Joseph were!

There was no air conditioning in the chapel, but there were lots of water bottles and fans going around. The ceremony was beautiful and I even got a picture of all the guests after the ceremony...very cool idea guys!

Thank you for picking me to be a part of your special day! The song I picked for your slideshow is one of my favorites...Josh and I had it for our first dance, so I think it's pretty special! Enjoy!

7 years...no itch

Joshy and I will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary this Monday, the 14th. We've decided that having 3 kids in 3 years was all the "itch" we could handle, so we're past that now.

I'll be NYC with the amazing Naomi for our anniversary. So, I just had to write about how awesome my hubby is! When I'm off with all of my beautiful brides, he's at home with the kids. They LOVE Daddy. You can just feel them get anxious around 5:30 during the weekday because they know he'll be home any minute. He's WAY more fun than I am! Plus, he cleans...yes ladies, that's right...he's a cleaner! He helps me around the house all the time and does the yard work by himself. Also, have you ever met someone that always goes 110%...that's Josh. He's a worker. Whether it's on his job sites, playing basketball, helping out friends, and working to make our marriage better...he's all man. I know the whole Jerry Maguire is a bit cliche, but Josh and I really do try to complete each other...to make each other a better person...to bring out the best in each other. People that know us, know how different we are, but we both know how horrible it would be to be married to someone just like us! I'd never say how I felt and I would have two storage lots for all my "stuff", and Josh would have no tact and would be in debt :o) I like that we bring not so comfortable things out in one another, and I love that we still love each other even though those uncomfortable things are usually ugly.

Honey, thank you for making me talk, thank you for making me stick up for myself, thank you for holding on to me tight, thank you for giving me 3 amazing children, thank you for working at this thing called marriage that is the hardest thing I've ever done, thank you for encouraging me in my photography, thank you for being a great Dad who is always there, thank you for being patient with my "piles", thank you for providing for our family, thank you for always saying sorry first, thank you for being so loyal to your friends, thank you for picking me, thank you for always telling me that I look beautiful, thank you for being a real man, thank you for loving Jesus.


Oh...did I mention how HOT he is? That's always a nice perk :o)

1 year + 10,000 hits + a big nomination

(see link below)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

It's been a year today that I posted my first blog. I now have over 10,000 hits and I feel so blessed for all of you! Thank you so much for supporting me through this adventure! I also found out that I've been nominated for the best Indianapolis photographer from Indychannel.com A-list. Most of my business is by word of mouth, so this is a really big deal! Please take a moment to cast a vote, tell your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family etc.! Although as of yet I can't update the text or pictures they put up for me (a flower...really?) most of you know my work. You can vote by going HERE.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for supporting me, supporting my family, and supporting my dreams.

Pink Potty Swim

In other news:

Kylie is taking swim lessons and loves it! She's totally a water bug. Sometimes, she'd rather talk to the instructor than focus on going forward through the water...I don't know where she gets that from?!

Xavier is potty training. He now has big boy undies with firetrucks, basketballs and other materialistic things that make him happy to be a "big boy" but cost more for Mommies to buy than the generic white ones. His thumb is healing nicely and he should have a complete recovery.

Eli has pink eye and I'm just hoping not to get it.

New Office...New Logo...New Hair..whewww!

I now have a door to my office. Although this may sound a bit odd, it's actually kind of a big deal (like Ron Burgandy?). My computer and all my "stuff" was up in our loft area. This meant little fingers could touch all my buttons, take all my memory cards and just cause general havoc to Mommy's already failing system. So...we moved the nursery upstairs, I moved downstairs, and I now have a whole room to myself. I've painted, put up some new pics and can close my door at any time. It's lovely.

I also have a new logo to go with my new kieraphoto name. Kevin Swan totally helped me out here. He rules. He's the guy I go to with all of my questions. He's also the one I can bust out into spontaneous song with and he sings with me. Did I mention that he also went to the Apple store with me when I completely switched my entire system over to Mac? Life changing. Thanks Kev. By the way, hope you're having fun at the Dunes with the Holritzes and Niesens! You're such a big deal :o) Can't wait for you to not be homeless anymore! PS I promise to update my website soon.

Well, I chopped my hair again and I have professional pictures to prove it. While I was with my photography buddies at our PUG meeting (Pictage User Group) we snapped a few portraits for one another. Thank you Megan and Chad. Apparently I'm a talker (wha?), so it was harder than usual. Let's just say, photographer's don't like to get their pictures taken! It's hard to be on the other side! Note: yes, I did actually put on some lipstick...don't fall over or anything.

4th of July

Well, the 4th is a pretty big deal down here in the 'hood. Because he have the best view in world, there's always a party. This is also the time I try to get a family picture...I have no idea why I attempt this by myself (see below). Josh bought a few little fireworks to entertain the kids. We decided that in our 20 pack there were about 3 varieties...they were just all named something different. Although Josh and I were totally disappointed about this...Ky and Xav loved it! Eli was in awe. I actually didn't take any firework pictures this year as Ky and Xav stayed up to watch them this year. Ky was on hyper mode and Xavier's bottom lip started to quiver about 2 minutes into it and said, " I wanna go ni-nite" He was just too tired to function...kinda like me right now :o) This was also a day that I thought about our troops. I'm so grateful that we have Josh's brother home with us now. Love you Jonny.

I put a few of my favorite pics below...but a slide show is coming soon!

Oh...the excitement!

Eli loves to help Daddy grill

There's always one...

Eli and Uncle Jonny

The studs of Holy Cross Neighborhood.  Holla!

July 11, 2008

Will...and Family :o)

I had the opportunity to take pictures of Emily's amazing family today. You may notice these little faces...I did a mini photo shoot of her sweet kiddies a few months ago at my Picture Party. I love these kids! Will is just so bright and engaging! He took my hand to show me around as soon as he saw me. And his little sister Lucy is just too adorable! Not to mention they did exactly what I asked them to do...I'm pretty sure that would NOT have happened in my house at the moment. Kudos to Mommy and Daddy! Emily, it was so nice to meet your beautiful family.

Thanks for the marshmallow Will!

Here are a few of my favorites

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