January 27, 2008

Kiera's Next Top Model

So some of my fellow photography buddies and I went out for a night time photo shoot. We get together and talk about new photo ideas etc. once a month. I love it! It was so fun to photograph a model. I just love downtown (which I why I live down here) and even though we were total frozen by the end of the session, it was worth it. Here is Michelle looking fabulous!

I love the smoke in the background here!

These two pictures were actually taken with the light that is used to light up Monument Circle. No need for flash here!

We were working with off camera flashes. Don't worry, this alley wasn't too scary!

I asked Michelle to walk across the alley. These people just happened to walk by at the same time and saw all these flashes going off. It was hilarious and I just love this picture.

Warming up at Starbucks afterwards! Love the lens on counter...these are the things I notice!

Blogging on my mind

So I've actually missed blogging this past week or so. It's funny, though, how my life has changed since I started this whole process. Now, when something ordinary happens, a Post title comes into my head. For example...we're switching 4 rooms around in our house right now (crazy yet satisfying). One of the rooms is a play room. I've discovered toys I never knew I had! Out from the depths of the closet came a slinky (thinking about the commercial jingle already aren't you!) I let it go down the stairs and it worked! Immediately I saw "THE SLINKY LIVES" scroll across my mind as a blog post title. That's just one example...there are so many more. I guess it kind of relates to the way I see the world...as pictures. BTW, the kids are having a blast with their "new" toys.


So I went over to my neighbor's house the other night to download some music for my NEW mp3 player. And when I say new...I mean my first one (insert gasp here). Since I've started running (a whole 35 minutes today) I decided it was time to make a running play list (please send any good songs my way). Then I started to think about how much music transforms me, how much it moves me, how many memories it brings back to me. The other Sunday we sang It is Well with My Soul and I just started tearing up. I love old hymns! I particularly love it when you hear a song and you are immediately taken back to a place and time. When I Hear Whiskey in a Jar and The Gambler I think about the time I lived in Australia. When I hear anything from the Proclaimers or Robbie Williams I think about my life in Scotland. I was teaching third grade when 9-11 came to us. When I hear Allan Jackson's song, Where Were you When the World Stopped Turning, I go right back to my little brown trailer with my 3rd graders. Oh What a Night, soccer at DePauw, Like a Prayer dancing at The Pub, Mr.Jones spring break '94...wahoo! Are you thinking about any songs right now? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

January 16, 2008

Julie and Chad...

and Ally of course! I had the pleasure of ending my photography year on a high note! Mindy and I went down to Bloomington at the end of December to be with Chad and Julie! I did their engagement pictures a while back and had such a blast getting to know them and sweet Ally. Funny side note...as Ally looked at their engagement pictures, she said, "Why are there so many of you guys?" Here I thought I took too many of Ally and those pretty eyes!

Julie and Chad had a private ceremony with just family and then had a big reception with all of their friends right after. The ceremony was so beautiful! Everything was candlelit, they had a harp, and Ally by their side. There were 2 amazing moments in the ceremony that stuck out for me. The first is when Julie gave Ally a special bracelet...she just kept rubbing Ally's hand (I was totally crying during this whole part!) And the second was when they lit their unity candle. Every family member had a candle. The pastor started the flame with one person until every candle was lit and it got back to Julie and Chad. Then they lit the unity candle. It was such a special way to join two families into one.

The reception was in the Tudor room of the Union at IU. Considering DePauw is about the size of the actually Union building, I was beside myself! It was so beautiful! We sat with the most hilarious people in the world. They've known Chad forever. Mindy and I were cracking up the whole time. Plus, instead of a cake, they had a dessert table with favorite recipes from family members. All I have to say is that the chocolate chip cookies took the blue ribbon!

Julie is a teacher and you can SO tell by the amount of fun the kids were having at her reception. Now we all know that the kids get out on the dance floor first at weddings...however, with these little ones, it was a good thing because had the best dance moves ever! I'm not sure I could even capture what they were doing, but it was awesome!

Thanks again for letting us be a part of your special day! Click here to see the slideshow!

January 6, 2008

Catching some rays

We're taking a family vacation with my parents and my brother and his wife for a week right now (our Christmas gift from Mom and Dad). It's about 80 degrees with a few clouds. We pretty much only get one of these a year, so it's a big deal. I, of course, brought my computer to get some editing done. I think of this as a break from the daily grind of taking care of the kids and being able to sit for more than 20 minutes at my work station! I'm on the screened in porch as I write this and the sound of the waves is soothing. I'm pretty sure I'll hear somebody yell, "Mommy" in a few minutes, but for now, I'm basking in God's quietness. Here's a picture from where I'm sitting :o)

Bartering with a 3 year old

My husband occasionally barters with our 3 year old about going places or doing something. For example, he'll say she has to go to bed in 3 minutes. She counters with 10 minutes. He says 4, she sticks with her trusty 10. This continues...until he suddenly jumps to 15 minutes, in which she puts her hands on her hips (btw that's new this week) and says, 10 one last time (you'd think he's stop here...). Josh says 10 back at her and then she says, "No 3 minutes Daddy!" Works every time.

January 2, 2008

Introducing Miss Natalie

I had the pleasure of taking wee Natalie's pictures this week. She's only about a month old! I find it fascinating that newborns stretch the same and make the same noises. This red head was no different. I'm so happy that Natalie's Mommy and I share the same love for the simplicity of black and white pictures! I did keep a few color just to see that gorgeous hair! Steph and Jack, thanks for letting me be a part of your family for a bit in the midst of holiday craziness!

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