June 30, 2010

Drew + Jes :: Crawfordsville Wedding Photographer

I had another hot sizzling wedding last weekend in Crawfordsville, Indiana. This one was super smooth sailing. Jes is a teacher though, so I expected nothing less :o)

Drew and Jes were married at the Wabash University Chapel. Luckily, I had the awesome Dina with me to help capture all of the amazing details and fun of the day.

The bridal party was super fun and were up for anything (this was good news for me!) Plus Jes and Drew saw one another before the wedding, so we had plenty of time for all of our pictures. Here are just a few of my favs. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

Jes loves shoe pictures...me too :o) LOVE colorful shoes!

LOVE this one :o)

kieraphoto baby

Drew was cracking me on this one. He totally got into this.


Okay...cutest ring bearer EVER

Since it was 4 million degrees out the bridal party had these little fans. Super cute idea!

We had a few minutes before we the reception so we stopped off at a few cool places. LOVED this green barn!


Jes and Drew had a table full of candy. Ymmmmmmmyyyyy! I love candy "bars"

So Jes and her Dad interrupted their song to dance to some "Crank That" by Soulja Boy. It was awesome. I have no words...

Just push the play button on the bottom left.

June 26, 2010

Kathy + Kyle Slideshow Lovin :: Indianapolis Destination Photographer

Here is Kathy and Kyle's slideshow featuring their OWN song! Just push the play button at the bottom left. Enjoy their gorgeousness!

June 24, 2010

Kyle & Kathy :: Indianapolis Destination Photographer

What a weekend! One of my best friends, Amie, and I flew to Baltimore, MD to shoot a fantastic wedding. I've know the groom since I was...wait for it...15! Ack!!! Over half my life :o) Kyle and my brother, Jason, were fraternity brothers and eventually roommates at DePauw. Since they are a "few" years old than me, I used to go visit them when I was in High School. Yes...it was AMAZING! I have nothing but great memories of visiting Jason. He would let me wonder around his fraternity...but would always peek his head in the room every 15 minutes no matter where I was. Luckily I was totally a goodie goodie.

Kyle and Kathy were married in Havre de Grace, Maryland at Swan Harbor Farm. It was an outdoor wedding and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was about 99 degrees, but I'd take heat over rain when it comes to pictures (particularly for the health of my camera). Kyle is from Oklahoma and Kathy is from the east coast. I absolutely LOVED how much family they had there. It was amazing. What a solid ground of support in which to start your lives together.

Oh, and did I mention that Kathy WROTE the words to their first dance and she AND Kyle sang them. Seriously...these people are talented!!!!

Kyle and Kathy...thank you so much for allowing us to be part of a most spectacular day! We had a great time meeting all of your family and friends, dancing and learning a bit of Polish along the way! We hope you are having a relaxing time on your honeymoon!!!!

Slideshow coming soon so you can see LOTS more pics :o)

I love the simplicity of this shot...straight out of camera...

Kathy's train was gorgeous!

Classic beauty

I know some people may have thought, "What the heck is Kiera doing by a silo?" but I'm in LOVE with this picture. Kathy looks fierce, fresh and beautiful next to that old silo. Fav!

Love that Kyle was laughing here...I'm sure from an inappropriate comment by one of the groomsmen...naturally :o)

Amie and I had planned out this shot the day before. Kyle was awesome in all of them.

Again the silo. These ring bearers were also secret service agents :o)

This one of the groomsmen's ideas. Loved it!

I love how the light is streaming in here.

What a backdrop for a ceremony!

Kathy's mom wrote and performed a song during the wedding too. There wasn't a dry eye around!

Love these 2

SO Kyle's shoes had a day of their own. They just happened to be at the forefront of every picture :o)

I love this one. Inspired by my good friend Anne Ruthmann :o)

Ummm...the arrow is pointing at a gold lame thong once worn by Kyle. That's all I'm going to say.

Let the dancing begin!!!

A little bit softer...a little bite softer now

I just noticed this little detail when I was taking some ring shots. Sweet!

June 17, 2010

Cabo-tastic Wedding! :: Cabo San Lucas Destination Photographer

It's always so fun for me to hear what all the guests think about the bride and groom. Everyone said the exact same thing when it came to these two: they were just meant to be...the first time anyone saw them together they knew they'd be getting married.

The mother of the bride, Patty, was the organizer of this whole amazing shindig. Although she noticed little things that didn't come to fruition, I know just what a fantastic job she did. Everything went so seamless! Kudos to Patty for making everyone's experience such a great one!

Here are a few of my favorites from the big day. There is also a slideshow at the end with LOTS of pictures from the Trash the Dress and the Wedding Day.

Allison and Ben...thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day. We fell in love with both of you (and all your friends and family as well!) We hope you're having an amazing time on your honeymoon. I can't wait to hear all about it :o)

The lighting I had to work with was yummy!

Hubba Hubba

These cups were just one part of our awesome welcome bags that Patty had for everyone. The shot the girls just took from those cups was not so awesome!


Their vows had just about everyone crying...everyone!

Not a bad view, eh?

Stroud family hug!

Just press the play button in the bottom left. I don't hand this song out lightly, but Allison heard it on my website and they used it as their guests were seated, so I just had to honor that :o)
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