January 27, 2009

Conversations with Kylie: Number 1,492,641

So Josh and I are really trying to be better at feeding our kids lots of veggies. I'm a super picky eater, and Josh isn't, but I'm the cook, so our dinners lack originality sometimes (most times). This being said, our dinner last night consisted of parmesan pork loin, tortellini, broccoli with cheese and grapes (I was impressed with myself, I'm not going to lie). It was so great to have everyone sitting down at the table as a family and then see the look on my children's faces...total disgust. I think the Christmas Story Song came to mind, "Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double-beatloaf, I hate meatloaf." Motherhood is so rewarding. I am happy to say that they ate everything on their plate...for the most part...Kylie ended up going to bed early due to a bad attitude. You win some you lose some.

Here is where the title of this post comes into play. The next morning during breakfast, Kylie reminds all of us of last night's dinner. [Side Note: Ky is smarter than all of us, so when she says something a little off, it's so funny because it never happens] First picture a 4 year old with a little scrunched up puggy nose and a very serious tone.

"I think I have an ear collection cause of that celery I had to eat last day. It was the worst dinner ever that celery and ham. Disgusting.
Read: I'm making up having an ear infection due to the reality that my parents are now going to make me eat green things.

January 26, 2009

mamas with multiples!

I had the most amazing evening with the Northside Twins and Multiples group.  I sometimes go around to Mommy groups and talk about photography and how to take great pictures of your kids.  Tonight, I just thought it would be a small group of ladies, so I brought a plate of toffee bars to share.  When I pulled up to the meeting, the entire parking lot was full!  Needless to say, I needed more toffee bars, and more handouts!  I really don't know how Mom's of twins/multiples do it.  I know I had 3 kids in 3 years, but these mamas had their kids at the SAME time!  Holy Cow.  I absolutely loved their "club" idea. They get together once a month to support one another, share ideas...and equipment, have play dates, get togethers and so on.    

Thank you so much for making me feel so welcomed, asking such great questions and for being inspiring mothers.  

PS There will be a special discount to members of NTM for the next month.  Please check your website/Alyssa for more details.  Yaye!

And for all you mamas out there that want to feel better about yourselves...here is picture of what my #2 did all morning while Mommy was still in bed.  Yes, that's right, he unwrapped the whole package of Double Bubble and then chewed most of them, spit a few out and kept going.  In his defense, they do lose their flavor after about 2 minutes...Mother of the Year yet again! 

January 24, 2009


I love the idea of community and being apart of someone else's journey and encouraging one another. I think this idea is harder for women than for men. But then...every once in a while, you get a glimpse of awesomeness (is that a word?).  I meet once a month with some sensational women photographers from around Indy.  They inspire me, lift me up, teach me, listen to me, and on occasion, feed me :o)  Four women out of the group all became pregnant last year!  Yesterday, we finally got to welcome the first baby into the group!  Of course, we all went crazy with our cameras.  It was like we saw Brad and Angelina coming down the street or something.  I'm pretty sure a few elbows were thrown to get that perfect shot (sorry Joni!)  

Here are a few pics for Amanda (possibly the calmest new mother I've ever met)...whose baby is just as sweet as she is...

I love this picture!  Here are the next 3 pregos that will be having their babies shortly.  Allie, Brandy and Cassey.  Practice, practice, practice!  

Thanks to Erica for the swaddling clothes, cool poses and, of course, continuous belly laugher (kangaroo belly, that is :o) he he he

January 6, 2009

Have you ever had one of those moments...

when you think to yourself..."I'm getting old". Well, they seem to be a bit more frequent these days... unfortunately. I had a big smack in face a couple of weeks ago when I walked into Josh's family Christmas and his little second cousin (who is a tween) had on a sweater that I had just bought the month before...hmmm...luckily I didn't have it on in that moment.

Although I must admit I'm not a huge fashionista, part of me felt a little proud that I was on the right track ;o) he he he

And just to make you laugh a bit, I put some pics of me in all my glory. Boom. Yes, those eye brows are real people...nobody took me aside and told me to halve them until I was 22. Luckily I grew up in the 80s, so it was only embarrassing for half my life :o)

Let's start on a positive note.  I LOVE this picture for 3 reasons. 1.) I'm wearing a home-made dress  2.) This is a great angle to really appreciate my chili bowl hair cut (which I still have nightmares about) and 3.) I was always around Dad's photography/camera equipment/dark room etc!

Note the skinned knee...I was such a tom-boy.  I am impressed that my Mom got me to wear a dress though...and again, the hair and home-made outfit.  

My brother invited me to a his college formal when I was just in High School.  It was possibly the coolest thing a brother could do.  I took my date (who shall remain nameless, as I'm sure he'd like it) and had so much fun!  Thank you hot rollers, and don't you just love the shoulders on this dress!

Really? A hat?  Obviously I was a freshman and didn't know any better.  Although that initiation night I'm pretty sure I had a whole bottle of Boones "wine"...I said I didn't know any better...

I had to put proof in here that I did improve a bit.  Note: pearls and dress were both borrowed, as was the makeup :o)

Junior High Pictures are banned for now :o)

I Did It Again...

I left the house without looking in the mirror. I did remember all the children and even buckled them up safely. Then, after a quick glance in the rear view mirror I just about got into an accident. When did this happen to me? Someone could possibly think I was a crazed woman who hasn't slept in months. Although they wouldn't be too much off the mark, I still don't want people to actually THINK that about me. Luckily, as I turned on the radio, a little JT made everything better. Now people driving by probably think I'm a crazed tired woman who can "sing" :o) Enjoy a bit of the love all you Mamas out there!

ps I skipped the hot girl video and just did the pic of Justin...much better :o)

January 2, 2009

Grand Cayman: Day 4

Sorry this took a bit longer: reality of laundry and 3 toddlers sunk back in...humph

Day O' Fun
A large group of us that were still on the island went out on a boat (thanks Mr. Keith!) to play with the stingrays and swim with the reef fish...it was rough :o)  I bought an underwater container for my little point and shoot camera.  It was super fun to play around with...I even got some shots that turned out!

Stingray City was our first stop.
Larry conquered his "fear" of the stingrays and I have proof of it (see below)! We were in about 3-4 foot deep water and the stingrays would come up to your feet and swim by.  They were beautiful.  The guide was making everyone kiss the stingrays, whether you liked it or not :o)  Josh and I passed, but I'm pretty sure we were the only ones.  Everywhere I looked, I just saw blue skies.  It was so beautiful!  Just when I thought we were on our way back, I found out we had one more destination:

Unbeknownst to me, I snorkeled with a shark.  Let's just say I'm happy that I found out about it AFTER I got back on the boat!  Snorkeling was super fun.  Josh is a pro at it, so I have lots of fun pictures of him as he swam underneath me and scared the crap out of me!  On a more serious note, I absolutely loved the quietness of snorkeling.  I loved stopping over a big piece of coral, and just waiting.  Sure enough, something beautiful would come into focus that I didn't see before.  I especially love how everything works together in the reef.  The little fishes have each other's backs...and I like that.  I took some video as well with my little camera.  The quietness of being under the water is amazing.

On our way back to shore, the clouds came out as it neared sunset.  I love clouds. Keith and Judy...thanks again for taking such good care of all of us!

Here is Lar's first attempt to "get close" to the stingrays

Here's the real deal.  Well done.  Well done.

I had too many favorites, so I had to make another slide show :o) Enjoy by pressing the play button on the bottom left!

New Year's Eve came about 4 days too late for everyone.  We had all been up pretty late every night, so we decided to take the party to the beach after we found out that our "happening" bar, wasn't so happening.  (I think the exact words our waitress told me was, "Yeah, I hope we close right after midnight so I can go have some fun.  This place is usually dead by then...")  Luckily for us, it was amateur fire works night right where we were sitting.  These guys literally had fireworks going off for almost an hour!  We all just byob to the beach and relaxed with one another.  My trusty point and shoot wasn't so trusty with NO lighting.  So I played around a bit, and this is what I got:  Happy New Year Everyone!


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