July 31, 2009

The 5 minute session

I had some nice light in my back yard, so I quick got my camera and did a sneak attack on my kids :o) My boys were being especially sweet. This is what I got...

July 28, 2009

The Drummer :: Indianapolis Senior Portrait Photographer

Joshua is not only an amazing drummer, but an amazing young man. Let me rewind for a moment. I had Joshua's younger brother, Michael, in my class a "few" years ago. I instantly fell in love with his family. I'll admit it, I totally have a mom crush on their Mama. Ever since I met her I knew I just had to soak up everything she said to me. I've been trying ever since. She has 4 boys that I've had the privilege of watching grow into sensational young men.

So, when I was asked to take Joshua's senior pictures, I was so excited. I met him at his home and we went from there. If any of you know drummers, you know how passionate they are. Joshua is no exception. I love that he constantly twirls his sticks and pencils... Enjoy!

July 27, 2009

Jessica and Dave:: Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

I'm so excited to shoot Jessica and Dave's wedding this fall! It was a super windy summer day in the city for an e-session, but these two totally rocked it. We walked all around downtown for this session. I love exploring and going into alleys to have some fun. However, the alley I chose this day was not so lovely smelling :o) Jess and Dave were patient with me though and I got some cute pics because they are so awesome!
Jessica works in the dental hygiene profession so Dave and I were poking fun at her super clean white teeth, and hiding ours at the same time (not that ours are rotting out or anything!) :o)
I often wonder what certain professionals think when they see me...particularly dental (she should floss more!), make up artists (please God have her come and sit in my chair for just 5 minutes!), and child psychologists (what in the world is she teaching her kids!).
I digress...here are some of my favorites from our stinky, windy, glamorous engagement session. I'll see you guys as soon as I get the guest book designed!

July 25, 2009

Retro Urban Session::Indianapolis Children's Photographer

Retro Urban is just one way I can describe this amazing family! I've been wanting to capture these kiddies with my camera for a long time now. We had so much fun. When I first arrived, I asked their Mama what she wanted to remember at this moment of their lives...basically what are some normal everyday things that would remind her of the summer of '09. After thinking about it, she had a list :o) I had so much fun going all over the house, back yard, neighbor's houses etc. My kids LOVE her kids and I definitely know why. Plus, they are GORGEOUS! Here are just a few of my favorites.
His favorite.

I LOVE this picture. They were looking out the window when I arrived and I was greeted with wild hand waving.

Playing "ice cream shop"

This old house was in the neighborhood...it made for a great background.

With great friend and neighbor, Kyle Ragsdale, artist extraordinaire!

Dance 101

They are laughing at Mama dancing behind me :o)

The kids dancing in front of Kyle's murals.
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