September 30, 2009

Matt Rules! :: Indianapolis Senior Picture Photographer

Meet Matt. He's awesome, well rounded, and hilarious. We had so much fun running around town finding new fun locations. We found all sorts of fun places to shoot. Plus, we both speak ghetto-fabulously :o)

Here are just a few of my favorites. I LOVE these pics! Thanks for being you Matt!

September 24, 2009

Kelli and Chad's E-Session :: Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Kelli and Chad were so fun to hang out with yesterday. The rain stayed away long enough to explore some new venues downtown around my neighborhood. The overcast sky and puddles were a photographer's dream. Kelli is another fantastic Hicksvillian (is that how you would say it?) Josh and I can't wait to go up there next month and hang out with our friends. Everyone we meet from this small Ohio town is amazing! Chad is grouped in with them in my book because 1. he rocks and 2. he only lives 20 minutes away from there.

Ummm...remind me to bring a step ladder (or even a full sized ladder) to this wedding in November :o)

Chad is the first person that has ever had to duck to get in my front door :o)

I know, right! Totally gorgeous!

I think she fits perfectly in this spot.


I love it when couples get all steamy (see above pic) and then totally crack up.


I know, I know...this couple will be SO hard to shoot!
I'm not sure I'll even have to look in my viewfinder :o)

September 23, 2009

Up Up and Away: Part 2 :: Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Here are some detail shots of the day.

And here is the slideshow! Just hit the play button on the bottom left hand of the screen
Disclaimer: didn't have all you need is love, so i picked a different Beatles song :o)

Up Up and Away: Chris and Amanda get Married! :: Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Sit back and relax because you're going to want to stay here a while :o) I remember the first time I talked to Amanda on the phone earlier this year. I was in Vegas at a photography convention (yes, for real) and she told me this would be a quirky, fun, eventful wedding that would be great for my portfolio. She was right. But it was so much more than that. We had the pleasure of getting to know her and her hubby, Chris. Two people very apparently in love.

Mindy and I were so excited to see everything come to life. The weather was better than spectacular, it was perfect. The details were impeccable, the colors were vibrant, and the hot air balloon was...well, just see the pictures below. Hoaglin Fine Catering blew me away with their food and their staff. Great job Laurel! Amanda's Mom and Dad thought of everything. The Salsbery Nursery in Kokomo is now an ultimate wedding destination in my opinion.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, so have at it. There is a slideshow soon to follow :o)

I feel like Amanda has such a classic look about her. She totally reminded me of Meg Ryan in IQ :o)


Love this one.

The entire place looked this beautiful!

Mindy's point of view

My point of view

Amanda and Chris wrote their own vows...they were amazing.

They planted a Gingko tree after the ceremony.

As they walked back down the "aisle" the band played, "All You Need is Love" equipped with kazoos and everything :o)

I was ducking down at this point, so when I stood up...

We were up here!!!

Here's a look at the Salsbery Nursery!

It was sooo peaceful up here!

Chris holding it together ;o)

Amanda was LOVING the balloon ride!


Here's, um, where we "landed"

Van Halen anyone?

Isn't this tree amazing?!

slideshow soon to follow...
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