Fusion [fyoo-zhuhn]: to unite or blend into a whole, as if by melting together.

From the mid-90s I've been creating Fusion videos for my friends and loved ones. In college I made a football highlight video for all the players and coaches, I even talked the faculty into allowing me to make a documentary instead of writing a term paper (it aired on PBS).  Then when I began teaching I made a fusion video for all my kids at the end of the year which had fun moments, field trip videos and pictures etc. with favorite songs and voice overs.   
However, not until recently have I gotten back into this first love of mine...fusing  video with my still pictures into a whole (see definition above).  I'm now slightly obsessed with it :o)  I love piecing together stories that have a powerful impact.  Whether it is preserving family memories or a momentous occasion, reliving glory days or even promoting a business, fusion speaks to me. 
In 2011 I will be adding fusion to my high school senior sessions...and possibly portraits and weddings as well. Please email me for more information kiera@kieraphoto.com

Here are a few I have done so far:

Coming soon: NYC and Portland photo shoots!

I LOVE this engagement fusion piece.  These two met in Chicago, so even though they don't live there now, it seemed fitting to go back where it all started.  I loved shooting someplace new!  I can't wait for this wedding in July...bring on the Irish :o)

These next two were made as a promotional piece for my friend Sneha and her new business, Party Pretty Design...she's a-ma-zing

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