August 31, 2009

August 30, 2009

Daniel :: Indianapolis Senior Portrait Photographer

It's hard to believe that I met Daniel when I first got out of college and was student teaching next to his mom. Now, that seems just like yesterday to me, until I actually count up the years and realize that Danny was like 7! AHHH! What an amazing young man he is. Of course, we all knew this...even when he was 7. It's so fun to see students and kids alike grow up and become their own person. Danny is just that way. I love the variety of what he wanted his senior pictures to look like and what he wanted to wear...totally him. I had some fun with the post processing, which is pretty much exclusively for Seniors. Enjoy!

LOVE this one

Had some fun with the colors here. It's like the movie 300 or something...

Just like me, he has always loved climbing trees. Let's just say he got up there a little faster than I could have :o)

Okay, we totally had some fun with this shopping cart. Long story...

This one was Danny's idea and I LOVE it!

Danny's got the best smile!

Melt your hearts girls!

With the coolest and sweetest mom around. Love you Ann!

August 25, 2009

Birthday Bash! :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

I love taking pictures at birthday parties, so when my friend Anne asked me to snap a few, I couldn't resist. Her boys have birthdays within a week of one another, so she does a duo birthday least for now while she can still get away with it (smart woman!). I just had to share some of the fun. Ahhh to be 4 and 6 again with a no-worries attitude, water balloons, a pool, cake, good friends, balloon swords that light up and a Darth Vader pinata...seriously, does it get any better than this?

Henna Fun :: Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

So one of my great friends had a few of us over to her house last weekend for some mani/pedi/breathe/relax time. She is due any day now and just wanted one last hurrah! We had such a great time...and the sangria was She has wanted to do a henna belly blessing of sorts for a while now. We were all in! So when our awesome and talented friend, Shannon, was done with the belly, she "created" on the rest of us...some hands, some feet. It was awesome. She's one of those spacial people who can do anything. I seem to have a few of those :o) Here are just of few of her samples.

Thanks again Jennie for inviting us into your home, your heart and your life. We can't wait to take care of you after this sweet boy arrives.

Meet Mr. Nicholas :: Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

Ahhh...another one of my "sistas" has added a new life into her family this month. Sweet Nicholas joined us on August 18th. I did his "first" photo shoot a few weeks ago (the one with the dancing fairies). He is SO little. It almost made me want another one! Moving on...his two big sisters could not get enough of him. They were so great! Mama looks amazing and daddy is a proud papa. All this AND they're all gorgeous. Seriously?! Enjoy my friend. Good job.

Can you believe he smiled? I LOVE this one!

He was so calm when Daddy held him.

I'm in love with this next series of pictures. What a lucky brother!

Simple yet beautiful.


And, my new favorite thing: before and afters

Garage Scene: Take 2 :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

A while back I wrote a post about how to take some great pics in a garage. Well, this weekend, our soul mate friends (yes that's what they are!) were in town for the weekend. As I watched all of our kids playing in garage, I noticed that the light was perfect. So, I quickly whipped out a black sheet, and set up shop. It was getting late and dinner hadn't been served yet, so I had to be stealth and nonchalant (not my strong suits...). The whole "photo session" took about 8.5 minutes. Here are few of my favs... kids have the most amazing eyes and eyelashes.

Rule #1...Mommies need to get in the pictures too!

3 generations :o)

Ky is totaling love kindergarten by the way.

Miss Lucy
okay...she has amazing eyes too :o)

Matilda Jane anyone?

Lucy with sweet mama...

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