November 27, 2007

Jennifer and Joe

Hey guys! It was so fun to look through your pictures that I did so long ago. I hope you still enjoy them. You know how hard it will be to go to the Wabash campus for your wedding, right? Only for you guys! All for love's sake:o) Go Tigers...

November 15, 2007

Fall E-Sessions!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my engagement sessions this fall. I get the best clients!

We totally lucked out with the weather on Monday. I told Erin and Brian just to ad lib...which is a bit intimidating. They did such a great job. I love the sky line ones!

Amber and Chuck...thanks so much for driving up for this! What a beautiful day! I can't wait to be in French Lick with you. The leaves pictures turned out great (ps I chose a lot of kissy ones:)

16 candles anyone? Jake Ryan Rules!

So I've decided that Jesse is a closet model. He seriously had his vibe on the entire shoot. And he's a romantic! He stopped this watch at the exact moment he proposed! Awesome job guys! I know you were nervous! Thanks for going to some creepy places with me!

Kathy could not stop smiling...this is a good thing! I loved looking at the 7 pictures in a row of you trying NOT to smile during this one just didn't work :) It wasn't you at all.

Okay, Thuan (pronounced Sun) is hilarious, and Kara's eyes are amazing. Thanks for spicing things up a bit and making me laugh out loud. I can't wait to see you again this spring!

Becca and Luke. Go Warriors! We all went to the same High School...just a few year apart (wink wink). Luke, you did a great job! I'm sure you'll be fully prepared come June!

Monon Bell Baby!

This past weekend was amazing. My great friends from Oregon, Steph and Mikey, were in town. Steph and I were roommates at DePauw and have been close ever since. We had fantastic meals and big laughs together. We hung out with Peyton Manning (okay, we stared at him as he walked by us at a bar), we had Flirtinis (hello!) and we went back to our Alma mater on Saturday for one of the greatest rivalries ever: DePauw vs. Wabash. If you're a Wallie...I'm sorry (he he he). Whomever wins this game gets to keep the old Monon Bell (from the actual train). Look here for more history. DePauw beat the undefeated Little Giants at the very end of the game with a 47 yard field was awesome. I'm not a writer by any means, so you'll have to see the full article here. It does, however, start with: "There are moments, and then there are Monon Bell moments. There are heroes, and then there are Monon Bell heroes." I must say I almost got teary eyed! All the students rushed the field and the bell rang for the Tigers once again!

I played soccer my first 2 years at DPU. My Junior year I started taking sports pictures for the paper. We won the bell back that year and my picture from that game won first place in state. Click here to see the highlight video of that game. At the very end of the clip when the guys are yelling, "we've got the bell", you can see me in a bright yellow jacket standing on the table taking that picture!(I'll have to dig it out somewhere)! My Senior Year I made a video of every game and edited it down to a 2 minute highlight reel with rockin' music. I made copies for the boys. That was the best bell game ever. It was supposed to be beautiful, but instead we got a blizzard...seriously. At the very end, the QB faked everyone out, including me and the television camera crew to run it into the end zone. You can see me again (in the same yellow jacket!) as the QB dives right into me on the video! Awesome shot for me by the way! See the video here. Needless to say, it was hard not being on the field and shooting (even with film)! I just couldn't resist taking some. Although I didn't have any of my fancy equipment with me, I hope you can still get some sort of feeling from the photos. Enjoy. Go Tigers!

PS To view The Ballad of the Monon Bell video click here.

PPS I totally got WAY into this post! Must go ni-nite!

My all time favorite part about this picture is the guy peeing right behind us. Gotta love tailgating! Love you Krisha!

Steph and Mikey! I love you!

Me and Steph

Nate-Dogg! This is HIS day! Thanks for making it so special for the rest of us Nathan!

The first rush.

Number 99!

The second rush!

The ringing of the bell!


If you have NO idea what the title of this post means, please stop're making me feel old! So I totally loved New Kids On the Block when I was a tween...and probably even after it was appropriate. The reason I am even bringing this up is because my daughter was going around the house telling me what all the letters in the alphabet "say". While I was making dinner (which doesn't happen every night by the way) she got to the letter O and I busted out with "Hangin' Tough" which the first line is, of course, "O, O, O, O, O" (you know this will totally get stuck in your head right?). I then proceeded to do the Hangin' Tough dance (I don't even know how to explain what this looks like). I'm pretty sure I've scared them for life. Dare I say that my first slow dance ever was to Joey Joe's, "I'll be lovin' you foreva". Yup, being a tween rules. Please enjoy the following pics of some teenagers and tweens I've shot recently. This isn't my normal age range...which I think is why I loved it so much! Note: I did not do the NKOTB dance for them! Peace out!

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