November 8, 2010

Some besties :: Indianapolis Geist Photographer

I went to school with these 2 ladies. We've been through A LOT of hairdos together (some I'd rather not talk about). You will definitely know these kiddos if you've followed my blog for a while. I've basically been taking their pictures from birth. They always do an amazing job for me...the benefit of having the same photographer year after year :o) We did these at Geist Park when the weather was just perfect! I'm in LOVE with these pictures. And since there are SO many, I think this should count as yesterday's post as well (since I rode the Megabus to Chicago for an engagement shoot yesterday...yes I said Megabus...more on that soon).

Enjoy girls! Love you!

Okay, he's looking older and I DON'T like it one bit! So handsome though!

Enough said...

Superhero look :o)

Oh my those eyes :o)

Love this one!

Look how photogenic papa is!




Yes, he really is this sweet.


Yes, she just naturally does this for me. I know you're all jealous!


Raise your hand if you want to squeeze this little guy! He's practically perfect in every way :o)

Can you tell they're sisters :o)

Love this one

Learning how to walk!

Fav Fav Fav

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