June 30, 2008

Lots of Tears...of Joy: Randi and Morry

What a day down in Bloomington! The weather was amazing, the people were genuine (and hilarious), ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was at a golf course with great cake and different pies to taste (and that I did!). I received a picture list from Randi the week before the wedding. There were 3 things listed. One had to do with a 4 generations picture and the other 2 were about...how should we say...relieving oneself. I just knew I'd love being with her all day :o)

Randi and Morry met in college 7 years ago. Everyone joked about how it took SOOO long to get married. But in Morry's defense, I think he knew exactly what he was doing...becoming the man he wanted to be, just for Randi. It is very evident what kind of man Morry wants to be for Randi. His Dad passed away about 5 years ago. He was honored throughout the whole day...with song, with laughter, with tears. You could definitely feel the presence of this amazing man. I feel privileged to have even been there. I know that Morry will be this same type of man for Randi.

I love weddings where I need a tissue for crying and for laughing too hard. Randi...thanks not taking yourself too seriously and making us crack up all day. Morry thanks for being so kind and willing to do whatever we asked :o) Have an amazing time on your honeymoon next week!

I know I told you I had a hard time finding the right song...but I just fell in love with this one. I hope you enjoy it too!

June 24, 2008

Kiddy Update

I took a bit of video with my point and shoot camera (I love that thing). My kids rule. Enjoy

Kylie: A Disheveled Princess Playing Spoons Early in the Morning:

Xavier: A Complete Recovery From a Grinding Wheel Incident...listen closely he's totally pooping:

Eli: Army Crawling 101:

Ky and Xav: Future Doctor?

The Dream of a 13 Year Old Come True: Kathy and Nathan

Kathy is a 2nd grade teacher, a "happy clapper", a hugger and a smiler. We got along splendidly! Nathan is a golfer and had the most amazing groomsmen (as you will see from the pictures below!). Although Kathy lives in Cincy now, she has always loved the Children's Museum. It seemed only fitting to have their reception there. The ceremony was held at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Kathy's Mom and Dad were married in the same church although it's a bit different now. Their 4 nephews were the ring bearers...all under the age of three (there are actually 2 more in the family). 3 out of the 4 made it all the way down! A task not taken lightly. We had such a great time with everyone. Thank you so much for making us feel so welcomed and loved! We hope Jamaica is wonderful!

Mindy caught this one. The limo with all the boys pulled up as we were outside taking pictures...they were supposed to be hiding from each other!

Trying to get Kathy to be "serious" was tricky...so we just took tons of smiley pictures instead...here's the closest example I could get :o)

Okay, these were the groomsmen that wedding photographers fall in love with. They were totally up for anything and cracked jokes the whole time we were together. From a Vince Vaughn personality to a Soprano Mobster look alike to a man who modeled in Italy...it just kept getting better. Thanks guys!

While we were on the carousal the guys found the dress up clothes that the employees wear. They busted out into a quartet style of song and had everyone rolling.

Every girl's dream...to be in an elevator with these guys. I believe Todd's comment started with, "So let's just say the elevator gets stuck and you haaaad to procreate..."

I thought this song was appropriate since Curious George was at the Museum!

June 15, 2008

WC LOVE: Becca and Luke

A couple after my own heart. I had the privilege of taking Becca and Luke's pictures on their very special day. Both of them went to Warren Central...my Alma mater. Unfortunately the only people we knew in common were teachers (some that went to school with me!) The skies were completely blue with just a few clouds, so we were able to go outside for some pictures! Both of them were a little bit nervous, but as soon as they saw one another they were completely comfortable...they just seem to fit together perfectly. Becca's Mom is from Scotland, so, again, I was smitten. With relatives from Glasgow (where I lived for a while) and a bagpiper (like I had at my wedding) the day was awesome! My friend, the adorable and talented Amanda Elpers , totally helped me out and second shot with me. I couldn't have done it without her sweet spirit right next to me. Her pictures are always amazing. Each couple did a little dance as they were being introduced into the reception...everyone was cracking up (see pics). Becca and Luke, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your day!

June 13, 2008

Jenny and Kyle

The rain finally stopped during the ceremony for Jenny and Kyle. We had such a great experience with everyone who was a part of their day. Lisa Gorman of Memory Makers Event Planning ran everything so smoothly. She has an entire staff and wears many different hats! Jenny's hair was done by Glam Etc. and just looked beautiful. I especially loved their makeup. Beth of Champagne & Lipstick did such a flawless job. Jenny actually made all of the flower arrangements for the day. She's not even professional! She just figured it out and did it. Amazing! The groomsmen and grooms kept us laughing as we heard stories about Captain Morgan (see picture below guys) and other fun adventures. Jenny's sister gave a teary-eyed speech that was so beautiful. Here are some of my favorites from the day...with your song attached. It's one of my all time favorites too :o)

June 12, 2008

Outdoor Adventurers and No Rain: Kari and Chris' Wedding

What a great date to get married...6.7.08! It was such a treat to be around Kari and Chris all day Saturday. With all of the flooding happening in Indiana right now (Kari's Aunt couldn't even get to the ceremony) the skies cleared up just in time for Kari and Chris. The day's events were all held at the Mavris Cultural Center right downtown. My second shooter, Brian McGuckin, rocked the night with some amazing pictures. I couldn't have done it without him. All of the details of the day just showed how sweet and adventurous Chris and Kari are. Plus the toasts got me a bit teary-eyed (not the poopy pants one :)Dave and Rae, one of Indy's favorites, were rocking it out at the reception. Kari and Chris, I hope you are having fun in the sun. Thank you for sharing your special day with us...we were honored.

June 9, 2008

2 close families + lots of amazing friends = one fun wedding!

Mark and Erynne were such a treat to be with on their special day. We started out down south with the girls at the house where Erynne grew up. It was amazing. It seemed like every nook and cranny had a memory in it. Each bridesmaid had their own robe with their name on it. We arrived just as they were getting flowers put in their hair. Every detail was thought of. I just loved how everything was put together. Big thanks to the "M's" from Fashion and Custom Creations Inc. for taking care of everything so we could just take pictures! Yay! I rode the trolley with the girls to the church...yes, I said trolley (see pictures below). Once we got to the church we met up with Mark and his crew. He has the most amazingly sweet family...and they all have great eyes! Erynne fits right in with her gorgeous blue ones. After the ceremony, the whole bridal party rode the trolley downtown. It had been raining the days before the wedding (imagine that), but we had nothing but beautiful skies downtown. The reception was at the Scottish Rite...but they did things a bit differently than I had seen them before (I just love surprises). There were food stations all around and the band, Zanna Doo, was rockin' it all night long. Mindy and I were totally dancing while we were taking crazy dance pictures. Erynne and Mark, we hope you had an amazing and relaxing time in Greece. I can't wait to hear about your adventures!

June 7, 2008

I've been tagged!

My friend Kelly (of Kelly Powers Photography) tagged me...this is my first time doing this, so I hope I do it right.

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 fun quirks about yourself.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

* I don't really like potatoes, but I love french fries. I can occasionally eat tater tots...but I usually just bite the ends off of them. (I only started eating eggs when I was prego).

* I'm pretty sure that if Jennifer Garner lived next door we'd be best friends. I think we're kindred spirits.

* I was born the night that IU won the NCAA title. My Dad watched it with me in the hospital (3.29.76)

* I've lived in Scotland and Australia. I worked as a secretary in Scotland and went to school and played soccer in Australia. I've traveled all around Europe loved every minute of it. PS these are good things to do BEFORE children :o)

* I always set my alarm clock to a number ending in 1 or 6...yes, I'm a weirdo.

* While asking my husband to help me out with number 6, he says: I have abnormally small feet and often wonders why I don't fall over, and when I say "We" need to fix something...I really mean "He". These are both true.

tag, you're it...

June 6, 2008

Not "IF" but "WHEN"

My husband always said this phrase to me about my computer crashing. I always felt sorry for "those people" when I hear that they've lost everything. Well...my "when" finally happened last night. Luckily, per my hubby's suggestion, I always back everything up on an external hard drive (and discs which I know is old school, but it just makes me feel better for some reason). So now, I have to "recover" my computer from scratch and then make sure everything gets put back just the right way. So here is my lesson of the day. Even if you're not a professional photographer and a gazillion high res pictures on your computer, chances are you have some pretty important pictures of some sort just sitting on your computer. If your computer crashes today, would you have those backed up somewhere, or would that be it? It's like the old thought that if your house was burning down and everyone was safe, you'd make sure to grab your family pictures on the way out! It's the same thing with pictures in the digital age. You have to back up important documents/pictures on DVDs or external hard drives etc. These safety nets are so inexpensive these days, it's silly not to do so. So, my challenge for you this week is to copy your favorites documents, pictures etc. from your computer and put them in a safe place...or even a different location! Because WHEN your computer crashes, you DON'T want to cry your eyes out! Signing off from my friend's computer...Kiera

June 3, 2008

Xavier being 2

We were in the Emergency Room this Sunday with our Xavier...not quite how I wanted to spend a Sunday afternoon. He was playing out in the garage and figured out how to turn on the grinding wheel (could you even ask for a more horrible name?!). He put his little thumb in there. Josh came into the house and said we needed to go to the ER. He had been out mowing earlier, so I just calmly asked if everything was still attached. He said yes, so I got into this teacher mode and grabbed everything we needed (except a diaper of course). This all happened during nap time, but Xav was so brave. The whole top of his thumb looked like an episode from _____(fill in your favorite hospital show here). Although he has a slight fracture on his knuckle, none of the tendons on the sides of his thumb were damaged, which help to bend the thumb. Josh didn't let him go the whole time in the hospital. The hand surgeon performed surgery in the ER, it was a huge blessing that he didn't have to go into an operating room. He fell asleep during the surgery :)

We're amazed how quick a 2 year adapts without the basic use of one hand. He's back to pushing more buttons (not on heavy machinery this time), jumping on the couch, and saying, "I want," instead of, "May I"...2 year old stuff. I'll take that any day.

Squeeze somebody you love a little harder and a little longer today.
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