October 28, 2009

Leaf Fight! :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

Again, what a privilege it is to see the same families over time. I always laugh when I am with this clan. And now...I get to meet a new member coming shortly. In fact, mama was having a few "getting ready" contractions while I was there! I can't wait to meet sweet Violet. In the mean time, here are a few of my favorites with these GORGEOUS boys...

What boy doesn't go down the slide in some weird way?

Love it!

These boys have the softest brown eyes!

This is what we do...we have fun!

They were trying to guess where her toes and ears were :o)

Then they got ME!

I adore the pictures with the hands. I feel it just shows all the love they are feeling and giving to the baby.

This was right before the massive tickles from Daddy. I think they know it's coming!

Bellies Galore! :: Indianapolis Portrait Photographer

You're going to want to sit down for this post. Below are two amazing mamas! I love doing before/after pictures! Here are two couples that are anxiously awaiting their "after" pictures! I can't wait to meet these little ones! I now have a new belly/baby sessions available, please contact me for more information :o)

Boy number 3 for one of the most amazing couples I have the privilege of knowing :o) I can't even talk about them without writing pages of who they are and how their hearts overflow...please enjoy...


I love love love this native New York couple. This was my first time meeting them, but I felt like part of the family by the end of the session. I think you can just feel the love from them (plus they're super sexy!). They are waiting to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl! I'm so excited for them!

Red Chair Rue :: Senior Picture Photographer

So I've been taking lots of senior pictures and having a blast with each and every one. Behind the scenes I've really been challenged to create an entire brand for my senior business. I decided to work with the talented Patrick Laurent of Patrick R Laurent designs He was amazing and really made me think about what I love and how to get that across to all of you! Finding a name was the hardest part, by far, and that one he left up to me and rightfully so. A big thanks to all my friends who helped hold my hand through this process. Your encouragement and ideas were unbelievable. I finally decided on Red Chair Rue. Of course, there is a story here. Rue came about because I REALLY wanted to use the word alley in the name. It represents downtown and urban, plus it's where my family and friends hang out the most together...an urban dwellers backyard of sorts. However, alley brought WAY too many other conotations and so I went with Rue (French for street) instead. I did take French in school, but it pretty much ends there unless you want to know what time it is or how to ask where the bathrooms are. I digress...

Ahhh, my red chair. I love my red chair. Those of you who have been following my blog may have noticed that my little red chair pops up in many of senior pictures. I rescued it from imminent death by large trash day. Who could throw something so cool away? As soon as I saw it I loved it. I love that someone else saw yucky and I saw texture, vibrant color and potential. I think some people may view downtown like my chair, but I see all of its stories, wear and life. That's why I love taking urban pictures and that is why I picked Red Chair Rue for my new Senior Picture Business.

The website is being worked on behind the scenes at the moment. The big unveiling will be this winter sometime, but you can click here for current information. Until then, here is a sneak peek of the logo I will be using :o)

Logan The Great :: Red Chair Rue Senior Photography

I don't even know where to start with Logan. I had the opportunity to visit Hicksville, Ohio last weekend and that is where I took Logan's pictures. Logan is an amazing athlete. I even got to see his game tapes the night of his away game. We listened to it live at a friends house and the only thing the announcers kept saying was "Logan, Logan, Logan". Not only is he a stellar football player but he is also a stellar young man. I somehow seem to only take pictures of these stand up seniors and it makes me excited to see how my own children will turn out one day :o)

I had so much fun going around the beautiful village of Hicksville (more on that soon). Here a just a few of my favorites. They were hard to narrow down!

PS I get to see Logan again this weekend at his sister, Kelli's wedding!

Enjoy the road you're on

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